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Sat Jan 27, 2018, 10:12 PM
What is this ? HI !!!!!!!!!!!!
Thu Jan 25, 2018, 1:42 PM
Mon Dec 11, 2017, 4:14 PM
Wed Dec 14, 2016, 3:35 AM
I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.  Here’s a list of most of the webcomics I’m currently reading and totally deserve more attention.  You’ll note immediately that they’re all animal comics.  I’ve honestly just not seen any human comics on this website that interest me too much.  Plus I think there are just way more active animal comics over human ones, so… 


Anyway, here’s the list:


10%+, Page 43 by nofna .10+, Page 170 by nofna Secretary, Page 157 by nofna

-Nature of Nature’s Art by nofna

By far my favorite series of webcomics out there.  This series has had a HUGE influence on my art style and storytelling skills.  The basic premise of the stories is a slightly altered future where animals have developed intelligence and have built their own society.  Most of the stories are about discovering self-identity as well as pushing the boundaries of their own capabilities.  The jargon the characters use can be a little confusing at times, as well as the “science” behind the “halo brain” and what kinds of “powers” it gives everyone.  But the characters in each series are always super compelling and drive the story forward in a way that makes me want to reread each story over and over again (and I have!). 

RIKDIK -Page01- by shrimposaurus RIKDIK -Page13- by shrimposaurus RIKDIK -Page25- by shrimposaurus

-RIKDIK by shrimposaurus 

One of the very few anthro comics I’m reading.  This story is a parody on shounen manga stereotypes, except with deer people.  It is very funny and incredibly well drawn.  This comic should definitely be getting more attention than it is. 

PMD: VF - 000 - This is a story from long ago by sulfurbunny PMD: VF - 433: Flee by sulfurbunny PMD: VF - 618: Higher Power by sulfurbunny

-Victory Fire by sulfurbunny 

A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fancomic.  The story is interesting and the art is great, especially considering that it’s all drawn in MS Paint.  The plot is enthralling and the characters all go through a lot of development throughout the journey.  The page count is rather intimidating, however, exceeding 600 pages.  But trust me when I say it’s worth the read.

Alterity pg. 1 by Mewitti Alterity pg. 9 by Mewitti Alterity Part 43 by Mewitti

-Alterity by Mewitti 

Another Pokemon fancomic, this time a nuzlocke.  Typical for a nuzlocke story, but the art is AMAZING.  I’m super inspired by the way this artist draws animals and Pokemon.  The characters are also very compelling and there’s a lot of development.   I highly recommend this comic to all Pokemon fans.

/Horse Age/ Intro Page 3 by BUGHS-22 /Horse Age/ Cover Page by BUGHS-22 /Horse Age/ Page 8 by BUGHS-22

-Horse Age by BUGHS-22

As one might guess from the title, this webcomic is about horses.  However, this story takes place in prehistoric times with some fantasy elements.  At least, that’s what I think.  The herd is fleeing from a mysterious enemy called the Karza which has not been revealed yet.  This comic is relatively new and I can’t say much about it yet.  But the art is fantastic and I am very interested in seeing where the story goes. 

TBN remake pg11 by 9tailsfoxyfoxy TBN remake pg15 by 9tailsfoxyfoxy TBN remake pg31 by 9tailsfoxyfoxy

-The Black Nightmare by 9tailsfoxyfoxy

Easily the darkest webcomic on this list, I just found this one today!  It is a very mysterious story about cats and a gruesome prophecy.  This comic is not Warriors-related, which I consider to be a plus side these days (there are WAY too many Warriors comics).  The artwork is very good and despite the dark themes I find myself very interested in seeing what comes next.

Rabbit Hole - 01 by Detrah Rabbit Hole - 22 by Detrah Rabbit Hole - 56 by Detrah

-The Rabbit Hole by Detrah 

This is an interesting one, given its simple artstyle but surprisingly complex story.  This comic has a slight Watership Down feel to it, and not only because it’s about rabbits.  The themes are dark but the story is super compelling and I’m dying to see where it goes. 

Wurr page 1 by Paperiapina Wurr page 75 by Paperiapina Wurr page 166 by Paperiapina

-Wurr by Paperiapina 

This is probably the oldest webcomic on this list.  This story is about a small pack of mutant-like dogs forced to leave their home and travel an unknown territory where normal dogs would like to kill them.  The comic is slow-going at times but the world building is fascinating and you learn something new in every page.  The art is also extremely good. 

Blade Under Mask - 1 by White-Mantis Blade Under Mask - 25 by White-Mantis Blade Under Mask - 63 by White-Mantis

Blade Under Mask by White-Mantis 

Another anthro comic, this time with bugs.  This story takes place in a fantasy federal era Japan inspired world where a maiko in the making struggles to set her career path while being haunted by terrifying hallucinations.  This story has sexual themes but so far hasn’t gotten too detailed with it.  The art is absolutely stunning and the characters are super colorful and compelling. 

POL - Ch1 - p.g 1 by BP-Basic POL - Ch1 - p.g 20 by BP-Basic POL - Ch1 - p.g35 by BP-Basic

-Price of Life by BP-Basic 

I almost forgot about this one.  This is the only ML comic I’m currently reading (don’t ask why).  This story follows the idea of Gabriel managing to capture the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous and bring back his wife, but at a grave cost.  This comic has dark themes, but explores miraculous lore and theories, which I find super interesting.  The art is also amazing. 


Please note that this is not a complete list of all the webcomics I’m currently reading, but more just the ones I think deserve more readers.  That said, I’m totally interested in recommendations from you, whether they be about animals or humans. 


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Mainly just trying to improve my art and get involved in the community. I'm totally open to making friends. Just talk to me. c:


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Yes! I'm still a little bit sore about Lila not working out, because I liked her. But I'm looking forward to seeing how they handle this new version (avoid spoilers for people who still don't know who it is)
hero1211 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2018
fair enough i haven't been this excited for this show since they finally showed who Hawk moth is man did that make me has happy as a kangaroo on a trampoline...also let's be honest here the photo of Rena rouge it's pretty obvious who it is you would have to be blind not to know who that is in the picture
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Yes, but some people are avoiding season two entirely until the english dub comes out. So I'd rather avoid talking about details.
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Luiz4200 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018
Who's the antagonist of Ml Spots? How would things solve? Are you still going to let those things become known? What about Adrien and Marinette?
Halt-Bowman Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey, I love your comics and I was wondering if could make a request? I can't give you any money sorry so its just a request.
  Its just an idea I've been tossing around and I'm writing a Fic on it. Its about Nooroo escaping Hawkmoth and somehow falling into Nino's bag. Nooroo chooses Nino to be the next Butterfly to help Ladybug and Chat against Hawkmoth who still had the Peacock Miraculous. So I was thinking, if you want something to draw, could you draw Nino and Nooroo together, and Nino wearing the Butterfly Miraculous (maybe on a wrist band since he doesn't really wear clothing that could wear a brooch.)
 Its just if you want to draw something else and such. Anyway, love your comic and can't wait to see you draw in it next! :)
SleepySundae Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t draw much Ml fanart besides the comic so I probably won’t do it.
Halt-Bowman Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
No worries! Good luck!
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Your comics and digital art are really amazing!Keep it up!! :D (Big Grin)
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Thank you for the watch!!!
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